Frequently Asked Questions: is a job board much like Indeed or GlassDoor. However the difference is that our focus is only on the Canadian tech industry.

We were tired of using generic job boards that were created for administrative assistants and not software engineers. DevJobsCanada puts a strong focus on job experience, methodologies and review each job posting to assure our standardization and quality guidelines are met.


When you apply for a job your resume and details are sent directly to the company who created the posting. We post the listings but are not recruiters (we’re developers).

The salary listed on the website is the annual gross salary. We require companies to this information and it be accurate. If you ever notice a discrepancy please let us know. 

Developers can search and apply for jobs for free. We created this website to make searching for qualified jobs easier.


One job posting costs $340 and gives you the following:

  • 60 days active on our website
  • Notification to our email newsletter
  • 5 Applicant Guarantee – if you don’t receive 5 quality applications, we will extend your job posting for another 60 days.
The salary offered is an important criteria for developers looking for job opportunities. Plus, we find that providing this information almost always increases the number and quality of applicants received. If you do not want to provide an exact number then you can indicate a range.

The posting is reviewed by our team to assure it meets quality guidelines. This is always done within 24 hours (normally same day).

You have two ways to access the applicants. First, you will receive an email notification each time someone applies and second, you can log into the website and download your applicants.

When you submit your first job listing you will be given a company page. You should add your logo, social links and short description. Applicants will often visit the company page before applying. 

We also do company interviews which give you an opportunity to explain what makes your company unique. If you’d like to discuss this option please contact us and we’ll share the next steps.

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